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Distinctive ways to identify your books as well as showcase your interest in pens (and other things). Great for kids, grown-ups, gifts. These are extremely cool! All bookplates are

  • personalized with your name (no set-up fee!)
  • available with permanent or repositionable adhesive (like Post-Its)
  • available in multiples of eight only
  • a mere $7 per 8 personalized bookplates!

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Bookshelf theme

Bookbinder with press

Book, flowers, and candle

Tree with ink-bottle "fruit" and thirsty quill

Floral and bird theme

Quill and books behind window

Cat sitting on book

Frogs holding quill dripping ink

Art Nouveau theme

Book-press theme

Flying woman

Vines growing

Art Deco with ink bottles

Quill and scroll

Child with books

Short book-press operator


Stylized peacock feather design

Cat standing over books

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