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Calligraphy designs

Painstakingly restored and/or isolated from larger, complex works in 17th C. documents, these designs highlight work by three masters: Pedro DÍaz Morante, Johann Georg Schwandner, Giuliano Sellari, and Leopardo Antonozzi. Close attention to their works will show that similar and/or identical motifs recur, showing that they worked on a picture and style until it was perfected rather than spontaneously creating whatever struck their fancy. Some of the most elegant pieces are quite tiny, requiring great skill and control to execute. Mythical beasts -- griffins, gargoyles, chimera, you name it -- and religious themes were common.

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Morante: corner design

Morante: rabbit detail from larger work

Morante: perching bird detail

Antonozzi: fleur de lis detail

Morante: detail of flying bird

Morante: scrollwork and flourish detail

Schwandner: flourish detail from larger work

Antonozzi: crowned eagle from royal decree

Morante: detail of frog

Morante: balanced corner elements

Morante: horse's head, from larger mythical work

Morante: bird detail from hunting scene

Schwandner: detail from large mortise

Sellari: border element

Sellari: detail of decorative element

Sellari: honeybee detail

Morante: detail of trombone

Sellari: border element

Sellari: detail from decorative flourish

Sellari: owl detail from hunting scene

Schwandner: flourish

Schwandner: wolfhound detail

Sellari: detail of angel from large piece

Sellar: member of cat family

Sellari: star, detail from larger work

Sellari: dancing goose

Sellari: detail of retriever

Sellari: fox from larger work


Antonozzi: detail of seashell


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