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Dip-pen points

My own drawings and various kinds of images of dip pens and points, from olden days to the present (but mostly olden). In those days, "pen" referred to what we call the nib today, while the part we now call the pen was called the "holder."

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Spencerian brand crow-quill pen. These were very small, ultra-fine-pointed pens as the name implies.

Esterbrook & Co. Flyer Pen. The varying shapes of early nibs are dizzying.

Joseph Gillott's crowquill point, with shorter, stiffer tines than the crowquill below.

An early logo for Hunt's pens. Hunt later merged with Speedball, which still makes dip-pen points.

Hunt's Ledger Round-Pointed Pen.

Nameless nib with a pointing finger as the actual writing bit. A whole subcategory of nibs featuring hands exist.

United Pen Concern Ideal point with a graceful, slender waist.

A novelty nib shaped like the Eiffel Tower. This is today still a popular dip-nib style among specialty outfits.

Howard Hunt Courier Stub. &qyot;A very popular stub."

Spencerian brand glass-nibbed pen from 1924. Ink flowed down the spiral grooves in the point for a smooth, even flow.

Nameless nib with hand grasping a ring and a star-shaped hole.

Hunt Arrow round-pointed, a lean, business-like shape.

Invincible Dome Point, a big, manly point. "Silverine finish, medium dome point. A large pen with fine smooth action. $2.25."

Spencerian brand Falcon Stub, a popular style said to hold more ink.

Couldn't tell the maker of this one, but the outrageous moustache was too good to pass up.

Gillott's Super Ledger point in stainles steel. This has a graceful, feminine appearance.

Unusual novelty point with a ball-shaped center. Unfortunately, it was too worn to tell who made it, but I still thought it was cool.

Esterbrook's Radio Pen point with a rectangular center hole.

Joseph Gillot's Super Orb pointed. This style seems to have been a popular one.

Esterbrook Easy Writer.

Drawing of a novelty nib involving a hand grasping the writing point.

Joseph' Gillott's "Tip-Tilt" pen. "Fine, turned-up point. Gray. $2.75."

C.R. Hunt Co.'s popular round-pointed pen.

Esterbrook judges' quill. "Flexible, fine stub. Long nibs. Per Gross, $1.70."

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