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Inks, ink bottles, and inkwells

Enjoy a look at the odd shapes and functions of ink bottles and tools of earlier days.

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Carter's Black Letter Ink, 1924

Higgins' American India Ink Superior Liquid Drawing Ink

Carter's Oriental Gold ink

Swan Last-Drop bottle

Sengbusch octagonal countersunk inkwell

Sheaffer Skrip ink logo

Victor inkwell and pen stand

Waterman ink bottle, ca 1950

Sengbusch Handi-Pen inkwell cross-section

Banker's fancy pressed-glass inkwell>

Box of Crescent ink tablets for use in WWI

Higgins India ink, small bottle

Waterman's 10-sided ink bottle, rarely seen, early 1920s

Carter's Inky Racer, for removing ink spots

Swan ink, 5-oz. bottle

Signet Blue-Black Fountain Pen Ink

Safety inkwell in cross-section

Sengbusch single-pen square inkwell

Sanford fountain-pen ink with filler; note price

Parker Superchrome Ink bottle, 1950

Sanford bottle, gold ink

Sengbusch dual-inkwell desktop display with pen holders

Safety unspillable inkwell showing cork and price

Parker Quink permanent ink

Mason's "The Sweesy" Liberty Bell-shaped inkwell





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