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The order form's been kidnapped. 

Something in our site host's back end is holding the order form hostage and we don't know when it will or if it can be rescued. Instead of using this to submit an order, please think of it as a worksheet.

Simply use the various boxes to make notes about what you want to order, then email us at lanna2718 AT Gmail DOT com (with the right symbols, of course, or use the "email me" link at the bottom). We will always respond to your initial email as soon as possible, and we can address any questions then.

Thanks so much for your interest and your patience!

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Please note the product you are ordering.




If you're ordering stationery, what design number/s do you want?


If you're ordering bookplates, what design?


For bookplates only, what adhesive do you want?


What paper would you like?


Please note the size of the pads or sheets you prefer.


If you're ordering personalized stationery, please note the font.


Select padded or loose sheets and be sure to include the quantity (number of pads or groups of 50 loose sheets) you want.


Remember to include your mailing address and contact info. Your email address will remain private. Once we receive your order, we'll send you an email to ensure we understand your order correctly and resolve any questions we may have. Thank you!


Email me!

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