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Selecting your paper

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Below you'll find images that approximate the colors of papers we offer. The appearance will differ according to your monitor settings, which probably aren't calibrated to mine! Paper costs have risen more than 50% in the last six months, so I can no longer offer a discount; this strikes me as a more effective way to hold costs down for everyone. In general, 50 sheets of 5.5"x8.5", either padded or loose, are $5; 8.5"x11", $10. Other papers are $6 and $12 for those respective sizes. Email me, wordsmithATfastmailDOTcom, for special or custom sizes.



White silk-finish paper in 32-lb. weight takes most inks well and dries very quickly. Great for lefties and wet inks. Extremely wet flows may feather, especially with broad nibs, but you have to work at it. Crisp and fresh looking. $5 per 5.5x8.5 pad of 50 sheets (or 50 loose sheets); $10 per pad for full 8.5x11 size.

White satin-finish paper in 70-lb. weight is very, very smooth and lovely to write on. No feathering unless you work at it. It does take some time to dry, though. $5 and $10 as at left.



Above is a 60-lb. felt-finish cream-colored paper. It has just a tish of tooth--not enough to bother you unless you're extremely sensitive. A friend who always writes in Spencerian loves this, and he uses it with sharp, flexible dip nibs. Has just enough texture for a luxurious look and feel. $6 per pad (or loose sheets) of 50 in 5.5x8.5; $12 per 8.5x11 size.

This 60-lb cream-colored paper is super smooth, wonderful to write on. Won't bleed unless you try really hard; a good, all-around paper with a distinctive look and feel. $6 and $12 as at left.



Parchment-style papers in a vellum finish, suitable for most fountain pens. We've not had feathering, bleeding, or drying problems with these. All are 60-lb; colors are matched as closely as possible to the real thing, but your monitor settings will affect them seriously! All parchment papers are $6 and $12 as above.

Top left, white and natural, both subtle colors. The white is a slightly patterned off white; the natural a pale taupe color with the pattern variations typical of parchment.



Above left and right: antique and old gold, neither of which is this luminous. The antique replicates aged parchment with a darker taupe color.

The gold is a strong color, definitely gold, but has no bright-yellow overtones. It's similar to the "antique gold" often sold for use with calligraphy.




The celery, left, is a pale green with typical parchment patterns. It's more subtle than this image.


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