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Fountain-pen patent designs

These designs are taken from notable pen patents from all periods and modified to suit the medium. A distinctive, original way to show your interests.

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Cross section and schematic of Lewis E. Waterman's 1884 eyedropper pen.

Detail of drawing from L. E. Waterman's original spoon-feed patent, 1903.

Three views of L. E. Waterman spoon feed from 1903 patent.

Drawing from Parker Lucky Curve patent with George S. Parker's signature.

Detail of drawing from Moore's Safety Pen, an 1896 patent.

Another view of a drawing of the Moore 1896 Safety Pen patent.

Drawings and signatures of Waterman's spoon-feed, screened lightly onto background.

Details and signatures from Parker Lucky Curve patent, screened lightly onto background.

Drawing from Sheaffer's 1908 lever-filler patent showing lever compressing rubber sac, with Sheaffer rep's signature.

Detail showing Eversharp Skyline clip design from 1942 patent by Henry Dreyfuss, with patent signature.

Parker 51 patent showing internal mechanism.

Parker Vacumatic patent showing internal mechanism, vertical.


Vacumatic patent as in No. 22, but side by side in the corner.

Parker 51 patent showing fit of nib into cap.

Nelson 1892 patent for a finger pen--a dip nib fitted to a finger collar, using the writer's finger as a "holder."


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