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Pen-and-ink drawings

I've used pen and ink and some airbrush here and there for these drawings of some of my favorite pens. (If you're nice to me, you might be able to purchase a print for framing, too.)

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Chilton model in black-and-pearl marble.

Conklin with gold overlay.

Parker Duofold "Big Red."

Wahl-Eversharp oversized Doric.

Parker wide-band ladies' Duofold.

Vintage Mont Blanc.

Parker 51.

Parker pearl-sided eyedropper filler.

Vintage Pelikan 100.

Sheaffer PFM.

Waterman No. 7 Red Ripple.

Sheaffer engraved gold overlay.

Sheaffer oversized Balance.

Eversharp Skyline.

Pelikan Toledo.

Parker Vacumatic.


Waterman 0558 -- a 58 with gold-filled overlay.


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