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This is likely to be the most neglected page on the site. If there's a site you think is informative or you'd like to exchange links, please email me using the contact link at left. Right now, these just contain a few of my favorites rather than anything even remotely resembling an actual list.


Favorite sellers

Fountain Pen Hospital
Joel Hamilton (Parkers) and Sherrell Tyree (Sheaffers) offer a wide range of vintage pens as well as search and sales services.


Favorite repairers

Joel Hamilton (Parkers) and Sherrell Tyree (Sheaffers) do excellent repair work as well as offering search and sales services.
John Mottishaw
Mottishaw and crew are the original nibmeisters, repairing, modifying, and fine-tuning nibs to suit their owners' needs and writing styles.


Books and calligraphy supplies

John Neal, Bookseller
Wide range of calligraphy supplies including fountain and dip pens, real vellum (not vellum-finished paper), instructional and gorgeous illustrative books, and all sorts of esoterica.



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