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Paper samples: For $10, which covers priority mailing costs, you can have a sample of each paper and decide what you like best before you buy. Send check or MO made out to Dyas A. Lawson to 4949 Samish Way #15, Bellingham, WA 98229. Be sure to include your mailing address!

Follow the steps below to prepare your order. You may order through regular email, using the CONTACT link at left, or by using the ORDER FORM link. If at any point you have questions, feel free to contact me!

  1. Select your paper (see PAPER SELECTION, left, for images and details)
    • 32-lb white, silk finish: A good, all-around paper that works well with most pens and inks. Takes crisp lines, dries quickly.
    • 70-lb white, satin finish: Slightly harder finish; dries more slowly, especially with Private Reserve inks. Noodler’s quick-dry inks work better on this than some other brands. If you're left-handed (especially if you overwrite), I do not recommend this paper for you.
    • 60-lb cream ultrasmooth: A sweet surface on which your pen can sail. Dries well, good for right- and left-handed folks.
    • 60-lb vellum-finished, parchment-style: In white, natural, antique, celery, and old gold, these are good for most but can feather and bleed slightly if you use broad points or very wet writers.
  2. Decide on personalization (even your own signature): Choose a font (see CUSTOMIZED link at left) and, if you like, calligraphy-style graphics. You’ll find more info on the CUSTOMIZED page.
  3. Select design/s: Browse the design categories at left and select those you like (click on the small image for a larger version). You may, if you like, combine the light screened-back lines (SL001) with a graphic. Please note that the Web-site images are of poor quality and will not reproduce well.
  4. Decide on size: 5.5"x8.5" (half sheet) or 8.5"x11" (full sheet), either padded or loose. Consider getting extra blank sheets for use as second sheets. Custom sizes are available within the 8.5"x11" format.
  5. Rounded corners: Consider having one or two corners rounded on your new stationery. It makes for a contemporary, distinctive touch and costs only 50¢ additional per corner.
  6. Choose quantity: Decide how many of each design you’d like. Unfortunately, paper prices have risen so that I can’t offer a discount any longer. ).
  7. Envelopes: I don't keep envelopes in stock because most people don't seem to want them, but they are available. Just let me know what you want and we'll work it out.
  8. Get started: Email me with your preferences or use the ORDER FORM link, and we'll get started.

Also, ask about FP-friendly list-type pads, stationery with custom designs, and other items. We can also (within certain limits) create promotional pads and other materials for your business.



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